Dramatis Personae

For anyone who might have found this page, these are some of the characters that will be in this story when it opens, in the spring of 2004… those of you who have followed my previous work will recognize a few of these people.

Greg Dennison: That’s me, a 27-year-old single man, living in Pleasant Creek, in the western United States.

Mark Dennison: My younger brother, a student at the State University of Bay City.

Andy Davidson: My friend from church. He loves movies and video games.

Brent Wang: My friend from university. Brent was the person I originally knew at the church I attend now, where Brent is on the worship team.

Hannah Reed: My friend from the Internet, who lives far away on the East Coast. She loves Star Wars and once applied to be on the TV show Survivor. Hannah is one of my favorite people.

Kelly Oliver: My friend from a multi-church singles ministry, and one of the few people there around my age, since the group is mostly people age 40 and up. Kelly loves the outdoors and plays the oboe.

Natalie Emerson: My friend from the church I went to before my current church. Natalie is 20 years old, considerably younger than me, and loves all things Disney.

Ramon Quintero: My friend from university, now one of the two vocalists in a unique-sounding band based in Bay City that calls their sound “urban rock.”

Shane Bloomfield: The pastor of my church, which is made up mostly of people in their 20s and 30s.

Taylor Santiago: My friend from university. Taylor loves baseball and poker.

Carbon Leaf: A five-piece indie folk rock band (from whom I stole the title of this blog).

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